Friday, January 05, 2007

Half a month
Two weeks
14 Days
a long coastal holiday. one of the bests so far.

it began one Christmas Eve.
it started in Onrus and then Rach and I headed to Mossel Bay, but every Christmas holiday starts with a Christmas story. So let's start there

Christmas table, Christmas dinner

see the wooden doorframe in the background, newly lacquered?
that was how I entertained myself one Saturday night at home.

mom's trifle. dad's last drop of whiskey and cape velvet.


******Michelle andRachelle******

rachelle was visiting from Korea.
our parents' homes and holiday homes were our holiday HQ.

halfway to mossel bay on the N2.


100m after turning off the N2 to take the backroad through Stanford.

nuns don't need luck.

Gouritsriver bridge... a.k.a BriDgE SwInG a.k.a that which turns big men into big babies...

rach at the car that wouldn't go into reverse.

the descent... horisontally on Hoy's hill

not too spooky...
The grave site of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy